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10 ways to turn yourself into a productivity dynamo:

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(Adorable, crazed Warner Bros character sold separately.)

I didn't realize people wishing you luck makes you do better.

I did realize that confidence, happiness, and getting enough sleep make you do better.

People wishing you luck only works for those who are superstitious (which, to one degree or another, is most of us.) I haven't read all the literature but I'm guessing it boosts confidence in those who believe in luck, causing them, on average, to perform better.

It's interesting that what Quora says makes for good engineering culture -- automate as much as possible -- is also at the top of this list.

Interesting point.

On an individual level, decisions sap willpower and automating behavior reduces decision-making, allowing you to do more.

They probably both agree that automation reduces workload and allows more time/energy for real problems.

One day our smartphones will watch our habits and automate things for us.

Until then, we have to automate things manually.

I cannot believe I just wrote that.

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