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What 3 tricks will get people (including yourself) to do things right?

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Great opening:

It's an important question.

And the answer is not as hard as you might think.

But as you’ll see, a lot of people had to die before someone realized what works.

Definitely worth reading:

1. Checklists save us from simple errors.

Eric has written about the power of checklists and Atul Gawande’s excellent book on the subject.

Checklists save lives:

2. Put all the required elements for the checklist activities into one accessible place.

Prioritization and organization double effectiveness:

3. Automated reminders are powerful.

And something in charge of reminding you — whether it’s a person or an alarm on your phone — can make all the difference.

Automation keeps you from laziness, forgetfulness, and second guessing yourself: