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5 Ways To Have A More Productive Summer | Fast Company

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<The best staycations happen in your mind, or so PBS used to tell us. The slack created by the summer months is fine time for bibliophilic burrowing--the kind that can help you sustain healthy habitsproductively procrastinate, and generally understand what the hell is going on in your life.>

"Bibliophilic burrowing" .... great term.

I've gotten to the point where I enjoy staycations more than vacations.

Vacations require planning and running around. On a staycation I can just... relax.

I like the Jimmy Buffet model of staycations.  He was quoted as saying, "People keep asking me where margaritaville is.  I tell them it's a state of mind.  It's anywhere you want it to be!"

Well then I'm bringing Margaritaville to this page:

And while I'm at it, I can has cheeseburger:

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