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The Scientific 7-Minute Workout -

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Yeah. Yeah. I'm "exercising" by sharing this. But seriously, doing this BEFORE a meal (especially breakfast) helped me lose a lot of weight.

I like to do six impossible things before breakfast, so adding this would make it seven.

And now there's a web app:

And a Pebble app:

And an Android app:

And a gif:

7-minute workout gif


It is more fun for me to spend 7 minutes exercising my mind.

I'm gonna have to work on that.

More discussion of the 7 minute workout:

And you can do the 7 minute workout every day:

I've been looking for an iphone app for this.  There are almost too many of them.  Any recommendations?

BIASED (my buddies run it): I have used Skimble -- android/iphone ... when we complained about not knowing what kind of workouts to do at our office they added an office workout program.

I have also used, liked, "enjoyed" "Bodyeight Training" concept is exercises using your own bodyweight. It's audio timed and you just go at whatever it tells you to do. Follow the dude on screen.

The only other app to actually help me change my behavior was "Get Running". It's a iphone app you use while running and it trains you when to walk, run, to get you to 5k (couch to 5k). This helped me be able to run 3 miles (5k). Then I got into biking. And all while I did 4HB (low carb). It all spiraled out of control and I turned into a Quantitative Life person. But, I got healthy. Lost weight. Had more energy.

TL;DR YMMV. Make sure to share with us your progress. (Social support is a HUGE element to changing behavior)

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