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This Note-Taking System Turns You Into An Efficiency Expert

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The first thing you notice about the Bullet Journal notebook is... no physical notebook. Carroll’s project can be adapted to any and all blank paper formats. It uses bullets and several other graphic markers, like circles and dots, to differentiate kinds of notes. You begin with the name of the month. From there, you just add variables, such as an index and checklists, until you have a comprehensive, highly customized and organized notebook of your own.

Here's a speedy run-through:

I've always kept nots and put check boxes next to things that must be done, it works well. But for achieving goals, not just doing what life hands you, I like personal okrs

OKR = Objective and Key Result

Thank you for the tip, Christina. A goal without a metric and deadline is just a dream.

I'm always surprised how long it takes me to apply stuff I use to keep business going to keep my life going.  It works! As does the notebook...

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