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UPenn track star Madison Holleran jumps to her death | New York Post

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She was a freshman and very good at track:

UPenn track star suicide Madison Holleran

Apparently it was stress that got to her:

“At the end of high school and going to Penn she was the happiest girl on the planet. It was easy for her in high school,” said Madison Holleran’s father, James, 52, at the family’s Allendale home.

“There was a lot more pressure in the classroom at Penn. She wasn’t normal happy Madison. Now she had worries and stress,” the heartbroken father said through tears. He later said: “My daughter’s stress was self induced, and although we had started her in therapy to address her issues, she hid the severity of those issues from everyone.”

What a sad story. A few days ago i was talking to my boyfriend about how crazy it is to check friends updates on facebook and instagram and think that everybody is happy and cute and amazing all the time - and when u look closer, because they are your friends, you see that it's not true. 

By curiosity i looked into hers:, she looks happy, gorgeous, full of friends and enjoying her life. I think we are more and more trying not to fail, not to be sad, not to feel down and we forget that those feelings can be healthy too. We have to learn how to deal wt them, that the hardest part, but it's doable. 

The comma breaks that Instagram link, so click here instead:

Look how happy she looks just two weeks ago:

Maddy Madison Holleran Instagram RIP

You're right that people tend to show only good things on Instagram and Facebook, Juliana.

Which puts pressure on readers -- even subconsciously -- to think their life needs all good, too.

"The more you laugh, the longer you live." ~MaddyHollers twitter profile

Popular 19-Year-Old UPenn Track Star Dies In An Apparent Suicide

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