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This is Your Brain on Yoga. {Infographic Magic} | elephant journal

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Yoga can clear mental blocks, trust me.

So can walking. Is there anything specific to yoga itself, or is it more about moving and breathing?

Yeah, there's specific stuff to yoga itself because it's a fully-integrated and progressive system to raise awareness that has been refined over thousands of years to improve the human body like a tuning fork.  

Could anyone also accomplish this progressive evolution of consciousness by walking.  Yes.  It's possible.

It's also possible to learn to play the piano with your elbows...

i wish yoga weren't so good for you, because i'm so bad at it!  :)

Emily, it is better to be bad at good things, than good at bad things.

Rob, I love the phrase "progressive evolution of consciousness by walking".

Thanks Adam, I'm actually a lifelong Flâneur, as they say, plus I confess my life so far has been a repetitive exercise of learning how to play the piano with my elbows–I'm still on chopstix trying to keep irony alive.

Alas, if only I were a lot smarter or just a little more stupid then the hard way wouldn't be my most trodden path forward...

haha!  i guess that's true, adam.  thanks!

You're welcome.

And Rob I love the phrase "if only I were a lot smarter or just a little more stupid..."

Now I need to look up what a Flaneur does!

I didn't know I was a Flâneur until I was introduced to the term by Nassim Nicholas Taleb ... and although of French lexicon, the behavioral appetite and expression seems to be one hardwired into people of the Levant... 

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