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Optimism, Laughter May Bring Long Life - US News

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 If you want to live a long life, accent the positive and keep laughing, say researchers who have found that centenarians are often extroverts who embrace the world from an optimistic and carefree perspective.

It's easy to be optimistic, positive, and laughing when things are going well.

If you really want to live a long time, build grit and resilience so you can still be positive when things are not going well.

Because things will not always go well. Unless you're very lucky.

Haz todo con humor y amor seguirá Google won't translate it right, but it basically means, do everything with humor and love will follow--yourself, your family, your job, your aspirations.

Any tips on doing everything with humor and love when you're up to your elbows in alligators?

Start your day with cat gifs to ward off the alligators.

Alligators don't like cat gifs?

Cat gifs turn alligators into otters.

Now that is something is like to see!

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