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Do athletes need squats?

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I was blown away to read that former NY Giants and current 49ers running back Brandon Jacobs has never done squats to prepare for the NFL season.

Apparently neither has 49ers outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks for at least 2 years.

Don't these guys require lower-body explosiveness and drive? I was always taught that the squat was basically the foundational lift of all foundational lifts, and that it wasn't really possible to leave them out of a strength training routine.

Squats is strength-related, explosiveness is more a function of fast-twitch muscles, which are usually developed through plyometric drills (e.g. Jump roping, box jumping). Running up hill, lunges, running with weighted vests would all be exercises that could provide similar strength without the adverse knee impact.

Wait, squats are bad for the knees?

Many people believe so. Essentially loading 300-500 lbs on shoulders, bending at the knees to sitting position and standing up. Long-term adverse side effect.

What if you did smaller numbers like 100-150 lbs? Is the motion itself harmful?

I think some believe it's like marathons; for elites and others who have constant medical attention, they may and will face no adverse side-effects. In fact, believe some say it's both the reputation and the stress.

Olympic lifts > Squats.

Especially for explosiveness.

By Olympic lifts are you referring to snatches, clean and presses, or clean and jerks?

Yes. Eric is absolutely correct.

I heard this a couple months ago stating that her research found squats were the best exercise - . Always something different.

Thanks for reminding me where I heard that, too.

I think for anything fitness related we can find people who are pro and con.

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