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Rx: 50 mg Nature, Ad Lib

Doctors are prescribing a walk in the park.

Doctors prescribing outdoors time: Nature is good for you.

In January, a 13-year-old patient named Kelssi came to Dr. Robert Zarr’s office at Unity Health Care, a community health center in Washington, D.C. Kelssi had struggled with her weight for as long as Zarr had known her and was now obese. But during this visit, she looked at Zarr and told him she was finally ready to do something about it.

Zarr told me that exhorting patients to “get more exercise” was too vague. Last year, he decided to start trying something different. He stopped asking his patients, “Do you move?” and began asking “Where do you move?” He discovered that many spent very little time outdoors, and he began prescribing time outside for conditions as wide-ranging as ADHD, high blood pressure, asthma, obesity, anxiety, diabetes, and depression.

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Outdoors is not necessarily nature but I see his point.

True, it could be very different based on where you live, I think the whole point is to get outside, rather than be in a gym or inside your house, that there is something additional you gain for your well-being by being outside.

That's good advice. I need to do that more. 

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