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15 Simple but Powerful Back Exercises to Ease Stiffness and Lower Back Pain

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5. Fitness Ball Wrapfitnessballwrap2

Using a large fitness ball, you will be performing the fitness ball wrap. This stretches your back the other way and you will soon discover how effective it is and how much relief it gives you! Stay as long as you feel like while your body wraps around the top of the fitness ball.


more here:

#5 sounds wonderful but looks ridiculous. 

This is my favorite:

1. Inversion Tableinversiontable2

Inversion tables are an excellent piece of equipment that will help stretch your back to a different kind of level. They use the pull of gravity to assist in stretching your spine. If you are experiencing any kind of back pain, an investment in one of these might be your answer.

Also sounds wonderful but looks ridiculous. I see a trend here. 

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