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One Simple Trick To Have Successful Conversations

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Ask more open-ended questions:

  1. Start a question with “What do you think about…” this signals very clearly that you want more than a simple one-word answer.
  2. Another good starting phrase is “Tell me about…”. These words also send a signal that you are passing the ball over to the other person and expect them so say a little more than the bare minimum. Great ones that work for me are: “Tell me how you chose this career?” or “Tell me about your home city”.
  3. “How does this make you feel” is also very powerful. It’s a question that goes a little deeper and touches the emotions and feelings of the person you are speaking to. For example: “How do you feel about the restructure?” or “How does this [recent event] make you feel?"
  4. “What do you enjoy most / or least about…” is another easy way to ask open questions. For example, “What do you enjoy most about your job?” or “What do you enjoy the least about working here?”
  5. Another great trick is to follow up a short answer with a “Why?”. For example, if the question was “What do you think about the candidates in this election?” and you get back “Not much”, then you can simply follow up with “Why?” or “Tell me more.”

By the way I do not consider these to be "tricks". They are good rules of practice. 

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