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Banning “Healthy Food” from our Diet « Chef Marcus Samuelsson

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"And then there are the instances where government is actually part of the problem — actively keeping us from eating better. Take, for example, the $16.9 billion in federal subsidies that went to corn syrup producers in a 15-year period, according to a 2011 CALPIRG report. If that money was given back to consumers to spend on food, we’d each get $8 dollars to spend on junk food and a little more than a dime to spend on apples."

Government subsidies of corn are one of those big head scratchers.

Shouldn't everyone in 2012 want to stop this?

everyone except ADM... and they're Sith Lords of campaign cash.

ADM is a leading producer of livestock feed ingredients

In theory that sounds like a good thing.

I'm guessing in practice it is not.

Archer Daniels Midland: Big Ethanol

So they're lodged in that sweet spot between Big Agriculture and Big Oil.

yeah kind of... they also own the HFCS market and most vegetable oils...

And guess what they are up to now. Here comes Big Ag: With $10 million to defeat prop. 37, the GMO labeling law in California

But good (?) new, the tobacco lawyers are after them now…

Oooh! Perhaps we could televise them grappling in the thunder dome?

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