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Can You Be In The Best Shape of Your Life After 50?

Older faster and way stronger


Indeed, countless experts told Webb that 70 per cent of the effects of aging are preventable. “By moving faster, we slow aging,” she writes, citing facts about DHEA, a naturally produced steroid known to protect women from muscle loss and increased risk of dementia, even after estrogen production stops. Exercise can pull off the same benefits as hormone replacement. “Stress the body,” she says, “and I mean push the pace; pump up the weights, pour out the sweat—and, at any age, the body gets the signal that you want to live, you need to live.”

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Here's to you, 91-year old woman at my gym!

What exercises does the 91-year old woman at your gym do?

The panoply of fixed weights, treadmills, cycles, eclipticals, and small free weights.  You'd never know she's 91!

Whoa, that's amazing. Is there anything she can't do?

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