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How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Getting You Down

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i was just about to create this very same page, geege!

Which part stands out for you?

For me it's that 85% of things we worry about end up having positive or neutral outcomes. 

That was the significant part for me and very comforting to realize.

and that 80% of us say we handled it better than we thought we would.

adam, thank you for posting that link to the rubik's cube comic!  i've been looking for that!!

Oh wow, I didn't know you were looking for it or I would have sent it to you.

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As for 80% of us handling it better than we thought, that's a reason for optimism.

oh daaaang!  that's a great stash, adam!  followed.  :)

and yes, 80% of us handling it better than we expected is indeed a reason for optimism!

i also like the part about treating ourselves kindly, the way a good friend would.

Yes, if you treat yourself kindly, good things tend to happen.

I really like that stash, too.

We must remember to worry less. And practice it.

the truth is: you will handle it.  whatever it is.  you have to!  so don't worry about it.

Cue the music!

you know i secretly love this song...

Not so secretly anymore!

hahaha!!!  it's out now...

We have between 40,000 and 60,000 thoughts every day.

think... think... think... think...

...which is why meditative moments of not thinking are so important.

And here I thought it was just 3000 thoughts a day.

pshhh!  3000 thoughts are for babies!

Can you imagine being a baby, having 3000 thoughts a day and no good way to communicate it?

yes.  i've raised a couple of them.  they cry a lot.  it's frustrating for everyone!

If only we had a better way to communicate early in life!

life is hard, even in the beginning.  every new experience, even a burp, causes crying.

cuddles seem to be the preferred method of communication.

Cuddles cure crying?

Why must life be so hard?

life doesn't need to be so hard.  cry less, cuddle more!!

That's the title of a self-help book if ever I heard one.

Would "Cry Less Cuddle More" be a good name for a rock band? Or too wordy?

it is rather self-helpy!

maybe just the title of a song, by the mexican jellies.  :)

oh wow.  that puts a whole new spin on mexican jellies!  foodies thee days sure are getting creative!

They really are. All that effort for Jell-O shots!

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