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Americans spend 3 hours a day on smartphones. Half use fewer than 4 apps. How Cards are quietly transforming the Mobile Web...

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Half of Americans use fewer than 4 apps?!

Besides Facebook, which ones?

snapchat? flipboard? tumblr? feedly? nfl mobile? netflix? amazon? game? 

All of those are vying for the last app of the four.

One of the four usually is a game. Used to be Angry Birds, now Candy Crush or Clash of Clans.

One of the four is YouTube, which is now one of the most popular apps on iPhones and Android.

But yeah, many people have installed ZERO apps:

I rarely install new apps.

Under what circumstance would you install an app?

I use the Safeway app once a week, a tabata (aka exercise timer) app about once a week, Doubletwist to listen to iTunes music on my Android phone, the DirecTV app but it has a super-high failure/crash rate, and Yahoo Fantasy Sports during football season. Other than that, just Kindle reader that came preinstalled and Google stuff that is almost part of the OS.

All of the apps you use are actually apps, not websites repurposed as apps.

Other examples of apps like that are Slack, Snapchat, Instagram, and some games.

That seems to be the future: only apps that are actually apps will survive.

I think the last app I downloaded was Amazon Prime Music. I have Prime so adding music for free to the service was a great value add from Amazon for me. It saves me from having to use all the not-so-good internet music apps. I still use grooveshark on my laptop though.  

I didn't even know there was an Amazon Prime Music! Is it like Pandora?

never used pandora, so I am not sure. It is nice to have though. 

Is it like a streaming radio station? Or do you make your own playlists?


Okay, so it's like half Pandora, half Spotify.

Do songs expire the way movies expire on Amazon Prime movies?

That's the worst part of Amazon Prime to me. I sometimes go to watch something that's no longer there. 

I have not found that to be the case yet. I have hundreds of free songs that I like in my playlist. No ads though, so it makes it a lot better than the other music apps my mind. Before this, I was using google music to only play mp3's i owned or got for free through google.

Yeah, I have such a big library of mp3's I own that the native player seems like plenty. 

that problem is likely to go away though, yes?  younger folks do not own music, right?

Right. I'm the obsolete remains of an earlier age when we paid for music a la carte. 

I guess iTunes users do what I do, too.

By the way, this article explains how important Cards are to the future of mobile Web because people don't install mobile apps anymore:

cards are great.

I'm surprised we don't see more Cards. Are they a standard or are everyone's Cards different?

google seems to allow some tailoring

I can't find good documentation but I did find this:

Ah! They are now called Google Now Cards!!

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