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From a manager's perspective, how well do hires from coding bootcamps turn out compared to new grads out of a 4-year college?

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Coding bootcamps grads or CS grads?  Well, actually, neither.

Okay then who is best?

The problem is that bootcamp grads are like grey racehorses: so rare they stand out. So if your org has a great experience with one: winner strategy! If they had a crappy experience with one: loser strategy! There just hasn't been enough volume yet for it to be evaluated in a serious way by the industry at large.

...which means it's less likely to evolve into something serious. 

I still haven't clicked on the Quora link to see what the alternatives are. 

The post/Quora answer does not suggest alternatives, it calculates a number of hours of instructions/practice graduates get, and conclude that CS grads get more hours - of course!

And then - bootcamp grads know really well how to solve a narrow set of problems, but are not versed in the theory, and CS grads (sometimes) have no idea how to code, but know the foundations.  

In my experience as a recruiter, startups would rather hire CS grads with good projects. I imagine if you need to slap together a website, then hiring a bootcamp grad as a contractor will work.

There aren't enough CS grads. Something's gotta give. 

How about hiring ... you know... mature -gasp!- people?  :)

If companies could learn that they would be so much better at what they do.

If I'm ever in a position to hire, I'm going to hire more mature people.

Google is failing here:

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