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Science has found a motivational trick that actually improves your performance: Giving yourself a pep talk.

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The article is about how visualizing yourself achieving your goal is effective, but what's even more effective is positive self-talk. Short motivational videos also have a positive effect.

The use of imagery - where players imagined themselves beating their best score before they played - was effective, too, though not to the same extent as self-talk, the study found.

"Results suggest that psychological skills focused on outcome and process goals had the strongest positive effects on performance speed, coupled with increased positive emotions," explained the researchers in the report, published in Frontiers in Psychology.

The team, drawn from a number of universities and staff at the BBC Lab UK, also noted that self-talk resulted in additional benefits besides better performance, because it's such a simple and easy technique for anyone to get a handle on.

Watching a short motivational video before playing the game was also found to have a positive effect, the report says.

'If-then planning' - spelling out a course of action and what will happen as a result - was found to be the least effective way of improving performance during the game.

Keep your pep talk short, precise, and consistent. 

Several previous studies have also highlighted the benefits of a little personal pep talk when it comes to reaching your potential - it's been shown to reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence, as well as having an effect on how well someone performs.

If you want to boost your own level of performance with self-talk, keep your inner monologue short, precise and consistent, says sports psychologist Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, over at Psych Central.

likeagirl from Imzy: "Come on, you can do this, remember that time you did something similar really well and you were a total badass? We're gonna do that again. Okay, remember your power poses. YOU'VE GOT THIS, GIRL!!"

So talking with ourselves really works? Wow. 

Talking to ourselves as someone else works. "You can do this!" over "I can do this!"

How about WE CAN DO THIS !!


<In overall, studies have shown that by using pronouns such as “you” or your own name instead of “I” in our self talk will result in lesser anxiety, better performances, and better confidence.>

So "Adam, you can do this!"

Yes! Yes! YOU CAN DO IT !!! :)

Thank you Geege. :) :)


You can always do it. :)

Thank YOU!

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