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This Is How To Get Healthy: 6 Research-Backed Secrets by Eric Barker

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Here’s how to get healthy:

  • Get your act together: It keeps you healthy. Bonus: it also keeps you out of jail.
  • Relationships are essential: Got someone you can call at 4AM? Or someone with 4 legs?
  • Work someplace that treats you fairly: If you think 30 minutes on the treadmill makes up for 40 hours of misery, think again.
  • Don’t be a jerk: Ignore Billy Joel.
  • Too little stress can be as bad as too much: Retirement is brain death followed by death-death.
  • Forgive others. And yourself: If there are typos in this post, I forgive me.

Yes, you should exercise. Yes, eat better. Yes, get enough sleep. But don’t forget the stuff we just talked about.

And if you’re going to do only one thing to improve your health, frankly, hitting the gym every day might not be the best choice.

What was that 80-year-long Terman Study’s most important recommendation for a longer life?

…connecting with and helping others is more important than obsessing over a rigorous exercise program.

Being an athlete is great. But you might be even healthier if you’re a cheerleader for your friends.

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