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Can you really change yourself for the better? | Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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"Pimpin' ain't easy."

This was not intuitive:

What any person in the world can learn, almost all persons can learn, if provided with the appropriate prior and current conditions of learning.

I love this distinction between destiny and fate:

Fate is what controls you, that thing you cannot avoid. Like genetics. Destiny is what you seek and make. Nurture, not nature. Great stories come from when a character fights fate and makes the choice to seek their destiny.

IQ of the mother predicts IQ of the child. But...

One factor, and only one factor, predicted how musically accomplished the students were, and that was how much they practiced.

My favorite quote in this article:

Being right keeps you in place. Being wrong forces you to explore.

Crapola! Got a lot of 'being wrong!!' going on here!!

Which means you're exploring. :)

Eric, I noticed that you use personal stories in this article a lot more than usual:

I don’t write here because I have the answers. I write here because I’m looking for them. ~Eric Barker

I think that really made the article resonate a lot more for me.

It makes it less scientistic and more about telling good stories -- and storytelling is what emotionally resonates with people.

People rarely remember what you say but they always remember how you made them feel.

I think my posts will be more personal in the future (while still loaded with science and studies.) I'm glad it clicked with you. :)

It truly did, and I'm looking forward to your future posts!

I like both types of posts, but I'm quite certain that you're wrong. You are a wise Zen master.

Thanks, Chris! :)

He's wise enough to know that Wise is the plural of Why.

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