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CrossFit improves aerobic fitness and body composition

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Great results, but 16% of them dropped out due to injury within 10 weeks!

Most honest review on the Internet say you WILL get injured if you CrossFit long enough:

The other main problem with it is that it's way more expensive than traditional fitness regimens.

The injuries come from two areas.  1) a big lack of knowledge and practice with complex exercises.  Crossfit is the best way I have ever consistently worked out (and I made awesome gains in six months).  I had proper lifting techniques beforehand though, so I was able to avoid this type of injury.  Crossfit now does a lot of training classes to try to avoid these injuries, but a few weeks does not replace a long term knowledge of proper lifting.  While you are learning the lifts, you should never be going overboard with the weight attempts.  

2) the competitive nature of some (most) crossfit gyms pushes people to injury.  Again, I worked out with 2-3 other Army guys who were all focused on personal efforts and not a time or total.  We kept the screaming and stuff down.  Plus, we had one bad ass guy who would always win if we kept track so that type of competition did not exist for us.  Instead it was a handful of Army guys working out together and really focused on improving.  

Again, injuries are likely to happen unless you know the lifts and are not pushed past your limits.  Crossfit is the best exercise program I have ever done.  

Thanks for the perspective, Jared.

Sounds like for many people CrossFit would be better as a cooperative regimen than a competitive one.

never fear.  i constantly battle my brain.  beer helps.

You can route around that impulse. If you want to. :)

And yes, beer helps.

The fat-loss result is confounded because they also did a dietary change to Paleo.  Most will tell you that losing fat is a lot more diet than exercise.  The added muscle and VO2-max increases are more easily attributed to the training.

Mine as well do both.

Minor injuries when training are normal and expected.  If you don't have an issue once in a while, you aren't pushing your limits.  Just let it heal and workout around it.  Note that many injuries should have a little time off but that you should start light exercise before healing is complete so that it heals properly.  Some injuries won't ever heal right unless this is done.

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