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The Science of How Your Mind-Wandering Is Robbing You of Happiness | Brain Pickings

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Strikingly enough, that mind-wandering is a cause rather than a consequence of unhappiness is at once jarring and heartening — it suggests that by training our minds to be more fully present, we’d be honing our capacity for happiness, something Eastern philosophy has long maintained. But perhaps the most surprising and most commanding finding is that even when people’s minds wander off to pleasant things, they’re less happy than when they are fully present in the moment:

Want to be happier? Stay in the moment.

Fascinating. Thanks for stashing this, Geege!

You're welcome.  Re-reading now.  

Maria Popova writes at the end of the article:

Remind yourself of what it’s like to celebrate the present with history’s greatest moments of everyday happiness, then reel yourself back into the moment with a lesson in immersive living from Henry Miller.

Both of these articles are worth reading.

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