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Simple Daily Habits Of The Delightfully Successful

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Great list! My favorite is #6 -- Selling:

6. “Sell” one thing.

The ability to sell is key to business and personal success.

But not used car-style sales. Selling doesn’t involve pressure or manipulation. Selling is the ability to explain the reasoning, logic, and benefits of a decision or a perspective in order to get buy-in. Selling is the ability to overcome skepticism or doubt. Selling is the ability to convince other people to go where you want to go.

When you can stay confident and focused when others disagree, when you can communicate effectively to a diverse range of people, when you know how to build long-term relationships… then you can be successful in a wide variety of fields and pursuits.

Every day, practice selling. Convince someone to try something new. Convince someone to let you help them out. Convince your manager a new initiative will pay off.

Learn how to sell and you can do almost anything… because you’ll know how to get awesome people to work with you.

This point is reminiscent of Daniel Pink's main idea of his new book, To Sell Is Human. Every human is really a salesman in some way, shape or form so we should learn to be good at it.

Eric Barker's post about the main concepts is here:

I do wonder why some people go out of their way to avoid selling.

I think it's because of the way that many people think of selling. They think of it as a talent that other people have or a career that other people are suited for (but certainly not them). They don't necessarily see that the ability to sell is actually a necessity and that it's more of a skill (that can be developed) than an inherent talent. It's sort of like public speaking. Many people are afraid of it and avoid it like the plague, yet it's a skill that is really helpful to a person's success and can be dramatically improved with practice.

The best way to overcome fear is to practice.

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