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Does nearly being murdered change your life forever?

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This is fascinating and not at all what I expected:

Via We Learn Nothing: Essays:

You can’t feel crazily grateful to be alive your whole life any more than you can stay passionately in love forever— or grieve forever, for that matter. Time makes us all betray ourselves and get back to the busywork of living. Before a year had gone by, the same everyday anxieties and frustrations began creeping back. I was disgusted to catch myself yelling in traffic, pounding on my computer, lying awake at night worrying about what was to become of me. I can’t recapture that feeling of euphoric gratitude any more than I can really remember the mortal terror I felt when I was pretty sure I had about four minutes to live.

There are several more surprising passages:

Just re-read this article.

The short answer is NO but the longer answer is YES:

Via We Learn Nothing: Essays:

It’s easy now to dismiss that year as nothing more than the same sort of shaky, hysterical high you’d feel after getting clipped by a taxi. But you could also try to think of it as a glimpse of reality, being jolted out of a lifelong stupor.

Worth re-reading:

Eric Barker is a poet:

So what happens when you’re almost murdered?

It doesn’t completely change your life forever. Nothing does.

No one minute, no matter how strong, can outweigh the combined effect of the other million minutes.

But it can give you perspective.

It’s what you do with that perspective after the minute is over that counts.

I love that!!!


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