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Knowing Yourself: 3 Keys To Leveraging Ancient Wisdom

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I rolled my eyes at the title but then I went and read it an learned a lot.

What “Knowing Yourself” Means

It’s amazing to me how much real insight about life is coming from business books and business schools these days.

In Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Pete Drucker, probably the most influential thinker on the subject of management, says to be successful throughout your entire work life — one that will likely span numerous jobs, multiple industries and wholly different careers — it all comes down to knowing yourself.

And knowing yourself, in terms of achieving what you want in life, means knowing your strengths.

But the reason I like Drucker is because he doesn’t stop there or just bury you in self-help platitudes. He gives a definition:

What are you good at that consistently produces desired results?

It’s not necessarily what you enjoy or what a test says you have aptitude for, it’s the things you do that result in crossing the proverbial finish line.

These are your strengths. Other research I’ve posted shows they’re tightly tied to happiness and fulfilling work.

You need to know what your strengths are to make the right choices.

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Ignore weaknesses and double down on strengths:

There’s no sense striving for mediocrity in multiple categories. Figure out what you’re naturally good at and go all in.

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Peter Drucker was a genius.  He was one of the rare thinkers who could not only apply his insights to the present moment, but also lead many others into quickly realizing those truths and applying such principles in their own circumstances.

Drucker continues to inform and shape most of my professional work.  Read Drucker if you've the inclination, he offers a useful set of shoulders to stand on and perceive right in front of you what you otherwise wouldn't see.

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