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How To Develop A Photographic Memory: 4 Easy Steps

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This is sofa king cool, Eric:

Eric quotes a source that points out...

30 percent of adults can’t remember the birthdays of more than three immediate family members.

Yes, that's why we have calendar apps on our phones.

agree.  einstein did not bother with phone numbers...and now most of us do not either

I didn't know that about Einstein. I bet he would have loved smartphones.

These three observations about the brain are the key:

  • We’re really good at remembering layouts, routes and spatial information.
  • Our minds are visual.
  • We remember things that stand out; things that are absurd, funny, sexual or offensive.

The rest of the article explains how to apply these principles.

I love how Eric summarizes the process:

Yes, your mind is going to be full of dinosaurs, naked people and a level of absurdity that would make Salvador Dali cringe.

Who knew developing your memory could be so much fun?

This article is worth re-reading and practicing.

Read it again:

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