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A YouTube Video Is Doctor's Secret Weapon Against Back Pain : NPR

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Evans is passionate about making complex medical ideas simple. He and his team have made more than a dozen whiteboard videos on health topics including how to deal with stress, acne, quitting smoking and even flatulence.

"I'm looking for topics that affect a wide range of people, and are generally ignored by the health care system," Evans told me. Themes common to Evans' work include the importance of good daily habits and having a resilient attitude. He touts the importance of basics: walking, healthful relationships, avoiding stress and sleeping well.

In Evans' video about lower back pain, he cites a study in which 98 healthy volunteers got MRI scans. Two-thirds of the MRIs revealed some funky looking discs, even though the people felt fine.

Just because a scan shows something doesn't mean there's a real problem. In fact, there's a surprising lack of correlation between back imaging and how someone feels and gets around. Evans also points out that the most common mistake with low back pain is to stop being active. The other common problem is worrying that the pain will never get better.

Evans, who is 50, teaches us that back pain is something we're all vulnerable to and for which it makes sense to have a coping strategy ready.

So: Keep moving and stop worrying!

Also: Walk, maintain healthy relationships, avoid stress, and sleep well.

Check out his 23 and a half hours video:

His YouTube channel:

i love these.  very practical, positive and helpful!

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