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Meditation Techniques For People Who Hate Meditation

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Oh hey, turns out that despite my fear of otolaryngal spaces and sitting on cushions I've actually been meditating all this time! I've often noticed that my morning bike ride makes me feel far more aligned with the world... and now I learn that bike meditation is a thing!

Congrats! So what does it mean "to meditate"?

Seems like some combination of calming your body from the physical effects of negative emotions, clearing your mind from distractions, being present in the moment, and practicing loving-kindness towards yourself and others.

getting rid of the inner voice for a bit. 

I like both of your definitions but Joyce's is like poetry. 

I prefer the terms "contemplative movement" and "heart-centered awareness" over meditation.  Meditating always seemed so forced and unnatural to me... at least to a western facade of me that doesn't do anything daily of greater effort than sitting or lying down while tapping on a keyboard.  Making me sit around even longer while focusing intently on any one something is my worst nightmare.

Whatever the terms used, anything that gets us out of our heads, distances our awareness from the constant narrative of our verbal mind worrying about the future or complaining about the past and allows us to open up and participate in the present moment of our surroundings while moving around in them--that--works best for me...

PS  What are otolaryngal spaces?

Ear nose and throat areas... where classic meditation tells you to focus while breathing? Gross!

I had a stroke and it did not result in any spiritual insight whatsoever!

PandaWhale is converting web chatter into insight - no? And aren't you half of PW?

It is and she is. That Jill Bolte Taylor talk is inspiring:

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