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A Deceptively Simple Plate Designed To Stop Your Overeating

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The ETE plate is divided into sections that show the recommended portion size for vegetables, protein, and starches like rice or pasta. And since most meals combine different food groups, the plate also has an overlapping "mixed" section. The calculations are based on Dutch nutrition guidelines but also aligned with recommendations in the U.S.

"It makes it easier to eat healthily as the plate nudges you to put the right proportion of food groups on your plate," Bruil says. "You don’t have to weigh your food to know that you are eating according to the nutrition guidelines."

It's a simple idea, but one that's likely to work fairly well. Researchers who studied plates and portion size found that we don't dish up food based on how hungry we are--we fill up our plate. So smaller plates actually get people to eat less. A right-sized plate, like this one, will presumably get people eating close to the right amount.

What a cool idea. I like it!

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