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How to Get People to Like You: 7 Ways From an FBI Behavior Expert | TIME

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1) The Most Important Thing To Do With Anyone You Meet

Robin’s #1 piece of advice: “Seek someone else’s thoughts and opinions without judging them.”

Ask questions. Listen. But don’t judge. Nobody — including you — likes to feel judged.

Here’s Robin:

The number one strategy I constantly keep in the forefront of my mind with everyone I talk to is non-judgmental validation. Seek someone else’s thoughts and opinions without judging them. People do not want to be judged in any thought or opinion that they have or in any action that they take.

It doesn’t mean you agree with someone. Validation is taking the time to understand what their needs, wants, dreams and aspirations are.

Interesting article - thanks! I have to admit, what interested me the most is that I do most of those things already, haha. (Hey, maybe people do like me after all...)

It also made me remember that I need to work on making strangers/new people feel at ease (for their sake), and figuring out when people are not genuine (for mine). I certainly wouldn't make a good FBI agent!

Most of us would not make good FBI agents. 

It's great that you already do these things, Maria.

And yes, two skills to keep developing are putting people at ease and figuring out their authenticity.

The more you practice, the better you'll get!

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