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31 Ways to De-Stress

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From Women's Health -- How to Relax, my favorite is:

Feel like a head case? Take the problem by the roots: In the shower, grab your hair close to your scalp — sounds painful, but just try it — and tug up to release tension. Then rub your fingers in small circles over your entire head to stimulate blood flow, which reduces pain and stress.

The article has 30 other tips:

I love this: Worrying about losing your job is worse than losing your job.

I also love that chewing gum and sex reduce stress. Not in that order.

what about at the same time? HAHAHA!

That might increase stress because people are bad at multitasking. :)

I think that's scientifically proven to be more true for men than women, however ;O) check out old versions of the illustrated karma sutra -- i swear she's brushing her hair in half of them!

Now that you mention it, brushing your hair is a good stress relief for the same reason I mentioned in the original post:

Grab your hair close to your scalp — sounds painful, but just try it — and tug up to release tension. Then rub your fingers in small circles over your entire head to stimulate blood flow...

I love this technique!

HAHAHAHA!! nice...:O)

Laughter is also great for reducing stress, as you know well, Christine. :)

De-Stress in 5 minutes or less.

Leslie Pepper writes:

Lighten up: When the body absorbs sunlight, it enhances the effect of mood-stabilizing chemicals like serotonin. Catch some rays, whether by moving playdates outside or parking your car a little farther from a store so you have to walk a ways to get where you're going. In the winter, throw open the curtains during the day.

Take a (virtual) vacation: "I close my eyes and visualize being on a luxury ocean liner," says Alisha Bush, a mom of one in Madisonville, Tennessee. "I feel the rhythm of the waves and inhale the smell of the ocean."

Jump rope: It's not just for third-grade recess anymore. Jumping rope for 20 minutes triggers your body to release feel-good endorphins, and its repetitive motion makes you relaxed and focused, says Patricia Arcari, Ph.D., director of the Calm Mother, Happy Child program at Massachusetts General Hospital. Grab your kid and see who can go the longest.

Crank up some tunes: Play music that brings up good memories. "Many people find they have a visceral reaction to something they heard in their youth," says Suzanne Hanser, chair of the Music Therapy Department at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Massachusetts. Choose anything that triggers a positive image, like your wedding-dance song or the music that played during a first date or at the first rock concert you went to as a teenager. Ten stress-busting tips for busy moms

Breathe deeply: " I touch my middle finger and thumb together on each hand to signal to myself that I should stop what I'm doing and take a deep, cleansing breath," says Sharon Wren, a mom of two in East Moline, Illinois. "It sounds goofy, but it works. You can do it wherever you are -- in the grocery store or even at a parent-teacher conference." Be good to yourself

Say your CBA's: "When I'm upset, I recite the alphabet backward," says Ann Eide, a mom of one in Columbus, Mississippi. "I really have to concentrate on the letters, so by the time I get to 'P,' I've forgotten what was bothering me."

Connect with a grown-up: Social support is one of the most effective coping mechanisms we have when we're feeling anxious and stressed, say experts. If you can't reach a friend on the phone, send a quick message.

Great tips!

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