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Writing Rules! Advice From The Times on Writing Well -

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Advice on Writing Well!

Worth re-reading, too!

This is excellent, Prince.


1. Listen to the voice inside your head. Memorize some poetry or prose to get rhythm, tone, and elegance into your sentences.

2. Learn from the masters. Copy out your favorite bits of advice for future inspiration.

3. Read great writers. Writing great depends on reading great.

4. Show and tell. Then take a nap.

5. Sentences are miniature narratives. Be unhurried and bring lyrical literary devices to make your sentences musical.

6. Avoid zombie nouns that cannibalize active verbs.

7. Punctuate wisely. Exclaim boldly!

8. Writing is rewriting. Edit early and often.

9. Be willing to fail. They can't all be golden eggs. Practice!!!