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12 ways to eliminate stress: - Barking up the wrong tree

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Spending all morning going through scientific studies on stress, shockingly, did not make the list...

Watching a video of a cute animal can reduce heart rate and blood pressure in under a minute:

Now where can I find such videos?

Not on the internet. Just dry facts here.

Before a stressful event write all your worries down:

Fascinating, this is the same advice that @investingmom gave me.


Talk to yourself. Lean back instead of leaning forward. Have more sex. Watch comedy. Spend more time with friends. Be compassionate. Take fish oil. Stand up straight. Meditate. Garden. Chew gum. Smell vanilla. Nap. Eat salt. Spend time in nature.

Best advice on the page:

No matter what happens, you will probably be fine.

[Read more.]

You'll either be fine or cognitive dissonance will move the goalposts on what "fine" is. Either way you're fine. ;)

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