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Active Versus Passive Recovery

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Sensible and well-thought-out discussion of whether "active rest" is better for athletes than just rest.

Lyle is the best. He's my go-to for training and nutrition info. No bullshit, research based. Top notch.

Eric, what else has he written that you recommend highly?

I find these kinds of discussions highly entertaining and somewhat sad since most people (a) have terrible diets and (b) don't do regular high-intensity workouts, but end up fanatically reading stuff like this. But these kinds of optimizations doesn't matter unless you're trying to get to 8% body fat or becoming a performance athlete. I've read most of these kinds of studies / theories / writings over the last decade, and if I'd put that same effort into:

- Avoiding simple carbs

- Avoiding manmade foods

- Any high intensity exercise (not high volume) regularly 2x week

I'd be in the shape that I wanted to be...

It's exactly like Warren Buffett says about investing. Knowing what do is easy. It's doing it that's hard...

Hahaha, I appreciate the reality check Naval, and I actually agree with you. :) In this case I was just trying to decide whether my legs would hurt less the day after a hard weight-training session if I rode my bike to work or not. Final decision: no bike, more rest.

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