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Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule is simple and inspiring.

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I was inspired until I realized I'm not getting up at 5am.

Still, it's good to ask, "What good shall I do this day?"

And, later, "What good have I done today?"

I think it's incongruous color usage to have the Like/Love be GREY when un-liked and RED when Liked, while the Save is ORANGE when un-saved, and GREY when Saved.  

Heh, you're right. We'll improve on that with the next redesign.

"Put things in their places", if you know what I mean

michael cera wink gif

say no more monty python gif

Say no more, say no more.

Benjamin Franklin assessed every day with what good had been done that day.

So get your mind out of the gutter. :)

totally unrealistic.. BF's schedule would read more like a little black book than this thing... lol

I was thinking the same thing. There was nothing to do in the 18th century except garden and read. 

Unless you're Ben Franklin and there's always some tail to chase...


Benjamin Franklin bragged a lot but probably was not a womanizer:

A legendary self-publicist, Franklin liked to give the impression he was a great womanizer, but he was in his 70s and troubled by gout while serving as an envoy to France, alleged scene of his most celebrated conquests. While he was charming and popular with the ladies, and it's not beyond belief that he got physical with a few of them (if women find Jack Nicholson sexy, anything's possible), there's little evidence of any Casanova-like proclivities.

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